Sand Trap? No, Bear Trap

Some golfers in Vancouver encountered a most adorable hazard: A bear cub who treated them to an impromptu interpretive dance before making off with their ball. (Caution: Don’t get as close to a baby bear as these fellas did, or you might run into one teed-off mama.)

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  1. Pep up your putter with a little pole dancing at the Bear Naked Club.

  2. That was so adorable. That cub sure wanted that flag.

  3. Something about bears just make people’s do irrational things: last summer in Alaska I saw this tourist snapping pictures of a bear cub not 10 feet away. Later we saw a sign that read “if a bear got your salmon, do NOT fight over it with the bear!”

  4. Spronnng

  5. The video IS super cute … however I must mention that the Fairmont Hot Springs resort is nowhere near Vancouver BC. Perhaps the people who filmed it are from here? 🙂 Love the little dance with the flag!!

  6. Smartypants says:

    If golf were played by baby bears, I would watch it! 😀

  7. Is that mama on the left and another baby on the right behind him? Or is my eyesight worse than I thought?

  8. Correction, mama and TWO more babies!!!

  9. I thought so too, Erato! Though I do have a history of spotting stump-bears and rock-bears on vacations where I desperately wanted to see a bear in the wild…

  10. Worst bullfighter ever.