Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let The Decree Go Forth!! NEW RULE ACTION!

This is Marley! We’re gonna TRY (and most likely fail) at listing ALL the great stuff about her. Best of all- there’s a new rule and she was the catalyst. (IE, we just thought of it.)

#42: Ears that flop over a leetle beet are Cute.

#43: Protruding bottom lips are Cute.

#54: Throwing off a little Side-Eye is Cute. (NEW RULE! See Below.)


“This is Marley. She’s tired but wants to be included on the site. Is she Cute enough?” -Jonah K.



  1. 11sCompanion says:

    Is there a comprehensive list somewhere?

  2. @11sCompanion: Er….yeah. http://cuteoverload.com/rules-of-cuteness/

  3. Smartypants says:

    Marley is beautiful! I love her upper-brow wrinkles, and her coat is gorgeous.

  4. Marley, you are MORE than cute enough, sweetie!

  5. Fan Of The QTE says:

    What about splayage, peeping tongues, and ehn! too ti-ti to make it over to the sunbeam that must be there, just out of view?

  6. Well, yes, there is the list that — I will point this out one more time! — oddly jumps from 50 to … now it’s 95. A new rule with a number counting DOWN from the previous new ones that started at 96. Oh well. Cute Overload is quirky and that’s how we like it! (uh-huh, uh-huh)

  7. Is she cute enough??? Does a bear poop in the woods? She is way past cute and well into adorable! 🙂

  8. @avecmoipets: well, see, we’re gonna fill in from 95 backwards to 50…or something.

  9. Sounds like a plan, Brinke! Thanks!

  10. She is more than cute enough!

  11. Hmmm, i need some clarification on new Rule# 95. Marley only has ONE eye giving off the side-eye-action! Should there be an addendum to Rule# 95 indicating that side-eye may be displayed in either one or both eyeballz?