Rats, It’s Monday: Interview With The Rat

oscarwinHopefully you got a chance to see our YAY It’s Friday Feature with Martin “Marty” Mouse, who is now our Official Favorite Ratso Ever. Over the weekend, we interviewed Marty to find out how he got to be the life of the party.

Marty, thanks for taking time to chat. We know with all your social media accounts, you’re a busy fella. Anyway- you just took the Yogie Bucket Challenge. How’d that go?

I’d often dreamed of it waining yogies, and den one day it did! I scooped up all I could and took dem to my hidey hole.

Ah, I see. OK, moving on- U were rescued from a pet store. What was that like?
I was living at the PetSmart® #1314, and dey were weally nice to me and took good care ob me, but I was dere a long time and I got bored. All my brothers and sisters got adopted. When my mom came by, I saw her and said “Hey! You, take me home!” So she did, and my life is awesome. I hab my berry own office building dat goes wiff me from da office where me and mom work all day, then to the bedroom at night for sleeping. I do internashunal bizness, I have a band called Marty & the Corms, I hab an adbice column called “Deer Marty” and I love snuggles wiff my mom and dad.


And now it’s Life In The Fast Lane- Facebook, Twitter, Cute Overload. We saw a rumor on Twitter that you met Beyoncé. True?
Um, no. I did win an Oscar® last year and met lots of famouse peoples, but Beyoncé was not dere.


Hab, er, HAVE you been in touch with Lil’ Bub or Grumpy Cat or Maru- you know, how to deal with the fame?


How about a book deal? Anything there yet? Movies?
I do hab a book in the works, with illustrator Nadya Slenders. I hab a line of pillows with artist Steph Laberis, and I hab my own line of shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads and stuff.


We see you aren’t shy about, well, stuffing your face. Favorite snack is…..?
Dat is berry hard question! I love corms and yogies best I fink. Although Milano cookies make me weally happy! But I only get little tiny tastes ob good stuff like dat.


Any final words for your C.O. fans?
Important bizness adbice….it’s berry important to remember to balance your diribitibs and your interest ratios wiffout forgetting to dibest your forfeitures wiff taxashuns. Split your stocks and inbest your monies wiff smarts. P.S. I don’t like Mondays.

[*Note: If you are considering getting a rat, please know that rats are very social animals and only do well in pairs or groups. It is a rare case for a rat to prefer to be a lone rat, like Marty and his hoomins are with him ALL day. So if you are considering a rat adoption, please consider getting two or more and double your fun! We want all rats to be happy and healthy!” -Marty’s Hoomin.




  1. So cute :3

  2. OMG, this is awesome!!! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am in love with a rattie!! Let’s face it, it would be hard not to fall in love with a guy like Marty. He’s beyond adorable and he has the most charming personality. He even has great table manners. 🙂 I hope Marty will continue to check in with us from time to time (as in weekly, at least) because he sure does bring a smile (make that lots of smiles) to my face. What a great way to start the week. Or end the week. Or basically, anything in between. ❤

  3. I didn’t know they’d moved Marty Gras to Monday this year. Laissez les bons temps rattez!

  4. Hello From Paris says:

    Still eating, eh Marty? 😀
    (Whatever, U cute!) xoxoxo

  5. Brinke,
    This post is absolutely adorable it was worth the wait! 🙂 Marty mouse is sooooo cute! Will Marty be a CO regular now?

  6. I have never been so in love with a ratso before! I mean they’re cute but Marty is ridiculously cute!!

  7. I love all the photos but especially the 1st one. His leetle paw is reaching out and his fingers are spread apart- sooo cute. Marty appears to like posing and having his picture taken.

  8. CO and Brinke…Thank you for Marty! I’m desperately in love with this rattie and his hoomans. And I second Rachael’s motion that we get to see Martin on a regular basis.

  9. Okay; you’ve won me over. I used to fear rats and disliked even pictures of rats, but there’s something about Marty.

  10. That pea in his mouth picture is so adorable. I would make him a rat ambassador without a doubt.

  11. Yep. I Love him soooo much! He is cute and I Love the way he talks and he is flat-out awesome!

  12. He seems like a Grand Master of cuteness!

  13. Not a fan of rats.

  14. Yep, it’s official. I love a McRatterson. Now, I’m still not getting my own, but I may pick up some Marty Merch.

  15. I just saw the “famouse” people line. You’re killing me with the cute, Marty!

  16. Kristen from MA says:

    Long time rattie keeper here, and this is what I mean when I talk about my rats. Lots of people crinkle their noses, but it’s the stereotype of rats that they’re thinking of. My rats are just like Marty.They are this cute! And sweet!

    In addition to what Marty’s mom said about having rats in groups, I’d like to also point out that before you look up a local breeder, you should check your local shelters and rat fan clubs and consider adopting. There are dozens of wonderful ratties that need homes. Including my current 4, I’ve had a total of 27 rattie friends, all adopted. All wonderful!

  17. I Love the picture where he is eating the cute pasta!

  18. Zoesgarden says:

    I just LOVE the ratty!! Never saw myself falling for a ratty but you, Marty, have the sweetest, more expressive face ever. What’s not to love? Enjoy your latest treat!!! You deserve it.

  19. Martyis adorbs! But be sure to check out the artwork at the 2 links–it’s awesome!

  20. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs) says:

    He’s such a cutie! I was wondering if he had any ratty friends. I know he has lots of time with his hoomins, but I wonder if they ever tried pairing him with a spayed female? Introductions between two male rats can be a little troublesome, but intros between boys and girls (with one or both genders sterilized) usually go pretty smoothly.

  21. I can’t help but smile when I look at pictures of Marty. He is such a cutie! I second all the comments about pet ratties. One of the best decisions I ever made was to get pet rats. They’re so full of love and joy — not to mention the adorable fingers, whiskers, ears, etc. And like others, I also hope that Marty Mondays will become a “thing”! 🙂

  22. Not to rain on Marty’s parade (no pun intended) but there is no such thing as rescuing from a pet store!

  23. Lynda Barkley says:

    OMG! This is almost more cuteness than I can stand!

  24. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs) says:

    That depends on the circumstances, Jojo. Some stores have adoptable animals that people have dumped on them, which are different than the ones for sale. Two of my mischief were acquired that way. Also sometimes pet store owners/managers can be persuaded to give up animals that are in need of veterinary care. If by “rescuing” Martin’s owners mean that they bought him, then I agree that’s not a rescue. But it is possible to rescue from a store.

  25. Laura DragonWench says:

    Okay, that does it, I’m going to have to adopt me a couple of rats. I’ve often thought about adopting some McRattersons over the years, but Marty’s insane cuteness has convinced me now is the time to find some adorable ratties of my own. 🙂 I need to call my local Humane Society, see if they ever have any rescue rats or know of any rat rescuers in my area.

    Oh, and a weekly column from Marty would be awesome!

  26. This is just tooooooo cute!!! 😀