This Heffalump Looks TIRE-D

Great way to wrap up the week, People! We’ve seen some Heffalumps here and here– anybody up for one more?

Oh, of course you are.



  1. Starting around 1:12 we see a case that needs some Tire-hab, stat!!

  2. What an absolute delight! Every time I see heffalumps I fall more and more in love. ❤

  3. Trunkster practicing to run obstacle course in Battle of the Network Stars. Obvy.

    Was that a trunkster toot at 1:04? 😀

  4. There’s a AAA joke here somewhere…

  5. Becky Gillespie says:

    Why, Saffron, I believe it was! I had to play it back SEVERAL

  6. mamallamadingdong says:

    Saffron, I believe you’re right! I had to play it back SEVERAL times.

  7. That baby heffalump’s wrinkles when it played were squee-inducing for some reason. They were all cute, playing with the tires, swinging them around like they weigh nothing. And I loved the trunkster toot! I hope it was a trunkster toot…!