Walter, Wanna Go For A Swim?

I think he does.

From Jennifer A. and Wendy M.



  1. This is an excellent video! How fun!!

  2. Transpogue says:

    Goal-oriented, definition of.

  3. wow – what a fun dash to the water. How is that camera attached? How does it stay on?

  4. Emmberrann says:

    Flappety ears! Happy Dog!

  5. judithspeced says:

    What a great little mate! He loves his water (Pacific or Indian?)

  6. GoPro .. The Lab’s best friend (GRINS)

  7. They should make that into one of those rides like they have at science museums, where you get into a little van-type thing and they show you a video and use hydraulics to move the van so you feel like you’re moving.

  8. Best ear flappage evar.

  9. Cool video- I love how Walter just plows through those people at the shore! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Covered in Cat Hair says:

    That was awesome! Glad nobody was in his way, he might have mowed them down =)
    I agree Saffron…love the ear floppage too!

  11. I saw this on my YouTube recommended list last night! I love how he seems to have the path to the beach memorized and plows through all obstacles ❤

  12. Ka-SPLOOSH!

  13. hehe .. ya .. “SunBather got run over by a Labie”

    GET OUT OF MY WAY !! .. Need to Swim .. NOW !!

  14. Funniest thing, the guy says “go slow, OK?” before releasing the rocket 🙂

  15. What!a hoot! Where is that? It’s gorgeous! That Lab has it good, and I love the ears flying in the supersonic breeze as s/he dashes to the water. No kidding, that doggie wanted to swim, in a bad way. Loved the video!