The Few, the Proud… The Pizza Cats!

[MOVIE TRAILER VOICE] In a world where people hunger for truth, justice and stuffed crusts, four brave kitties get the job done. Wanted by the authorities for a hairball they didn’t commit, they survive in the notorious Pizza Underground. So if you’re having a party, if no one else can deliver — and if you can find them — maybe you can hire… the Pizza Cats!


MEET DETCH! Fleet of foot, Detch is a delivery demon! His Motto: “Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or it’s late!”


MEET DORA! With dizzying determination and deft discipline over detail, Dora monitors the delivery fleet!


MEET HIME! The spreadsheet demon, this atomic-powered accountant can balance books with her butt!


MEET TENCHI! Taking orders on the front lines, Tenchi works hard for the money… although a lack of opposable thumbs makes it hard to spend.

Via The Consumerist and AdWeek.




  1. I like Pizza and Kitties .. but not ‘together’ … WAY too much fur in the cheese !

  2. Doug, after years of living with pets, I’ve consumed so much cat fur and dog fur I no longer even notice it. It’s just another source of fiber. Adorable commercials. Dora was my favorite.

  3. Thats it,I am moving to Japan!

  4. Rhonda B. says:

    Cats rule!!! 😉

  5. I want to learn how to balance my spreadsheets with my butt… Pizza Hutza! [sing song voice]

  6. “Wanted by the authorities for a hairball they didn’t commit” !

  7. @Mikeyfur: Dora’s got some moves! I admit that I also really liked Detch’s slow mosey with the wagon. I can see why pizzas delivered by him might be late…

  8. gangewifre says:

    did anyone else immediately think of the early-90’s cartoon “samurai pizza cats”!?

  9. 😆 AWW 😆 I would be more than happy to go to Pizza Hut if they had kitties there 😆

  10. Tencho — means a store manager (or head of the store). I like how he just sniffs the money and gives the “what do you want me to do — i have no thumbs!” look.

  11. I did Gange!