Happy Heffalumps (And Their Friends!)

A sequel to Tuesday’s Hula Hoopin’ Heffalumps, also from Elephant Nature Park, an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As the video says, “This video was inspired by Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ to show how happy animals of different species can live together peacefully.”

Right ON. (Do people still say that?)



  1. freetomato says:

    That just looks like animal paradise!

  2. This must be what Heaven is like.

  3. They’re like little kids… just havin’ a ball. Elephants are my favorite animal and seeing their joy in playing makes me love them even more! 😮

  4. I’m a creature. I would be happy here.

  5. RIGHT ON! Yes. It’s now my new favorite phrase. GOTTA LOVE SOME HELLFALUMPS!!!!

  6. Well, that’s one way to take care of an itchy crotch. (o_O)

  7. Yep! I still say “Right on,” “Far out,” “You bet your bippie,” All those good 60’s-isms!