If I Want To Share The Yogie, I’ll Let U Know

[‘Til then, GET LOST!] [Imagine either one of them saying this. -Ed.]

From Boing Boing.



  1. catvicc4r says:

    Birds eat yogurt?!

  2. Erika in HB says:

    Boids like the Yogie….who knew?!

  3. ogeminijune says:

    My sun conure LOVES yogurt! I just don’t let him eat it all the time, just as a treat.

  4. In the war of beak and muzzlepowche, muzzlepowche seems to win.

  5. They really must be best friends to have such a civilised ‘tug of yogie’. This is sending me to sleep with a smile. Thanks, CO.

  6. Precious…. love #birdies