Checkin’ In At The Cat House

DSC00282CHOTKaug24-2014Cuteporter KB took her camera to the Cat House On The Kings Adoption Room, and look what she found! Furballs! Lots of ‘em!







  1. Yay!!

  2. Mrs. Norris says:


  3. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs) says:

    Look at those gorgeous marmies! Want!

  4. You need to create a new cute rule for that little ‘fur seam’ that behbeh animals have on their chests and bellehs as seen in the 5th (or second last) photo.

  5. Soooo cute! Maybe loosen their collars, just a bit?

  6. The tabby sleepyhead is the best!

  7. seconded on the fur seam cuteness rule!

  8. AWW :D I hope these dear sweet kitties find their loving forever homes real soon :D

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