(Sing song:) “SOMEbody Went To The GROOMER…”

Above- “Before.” Below, “After;” Fufu’s back from a fresh trim, and is showin’ off some serious BEANS with her hoomin. From The Furrtographer, bien sûr.





  1. Hardly looks like the same dog! (Though both versions are very cute.)

  2. Such a little cutie! I’m glad Fufu and her hoomin found each other.

  3. Precious baby! Please give her kisses from Mikeyfur!

  4. Less Fufu-ness now, more stylin’, looks adorable either way!

  5. Little puppeh Fufu! Does she scoop up field mice and bop ’em on the head? She and her Mom are the cutest ever!!

  6. I love the little red circle around her nose!

  7. Cute pup.Little Fufu is really cute♡♡

  8. Fufu, you’re exceedingly derpy, but cute as a friggin button!

  9. I prefer the old look actually.