Happy 1st Birfday To Bao Bao!

Today is Little BB’s first birthday and it’s time to celebrate! Mashable says that Bao Bao is one of “one of less than 2,000 endangered giant pandas left on Earth.”

That is absolutely outrageous. Let’s keep these Prosh Blorps SAFE, People!

Bao Bao Bonus! Some Panda ‘Puter Paper for your very own. Click to save.

Image via Shutterstock.



  1. BB, you are such a cute puffalump! 🙂

  2. Baby Bao Bao is adorably cute. Her mom Mei Xiang is an acknowledged panda beauty, her daddy Tian Tian is a lovable goof who is pretty cute himself. Bao Bao is in safe paws.

  3. Nothing gets cuter than a panda. ❤

  4. bucksnort says:

    I got to go to her burfday party this a.m. (before the general public) with a friend who’s a FONZ!!! Memorable for me and a great team accomplishment for the team . Thank Smithsonian! Oh, is that burfday girl CUTE!!!!!

  5. @bucksnort: photos, we want PHOTOS! 🙂

  6. I loff her… She’s Tai Shan’s little sister!

  7. Love you bao bao ….

  8. Oh I miss DC! I used to be an 8 minute walk from the zoo!