Zap! KaPow! It’s BatKitteh!

“This tiny Batman, his siblings and mama are being fostered in LA, looking for permanent homes. But for now, Batman is happy chilling in his lair chair with his furreh belleh up to the bar, waiting on a frosty cold meelk. Interested in this tuxedo kitten or his mama and brothers and sisters? You can find contact info in the family’s Flickr album!” -KB. (Photos by KL and KB.)

[Note: Rule #50 in this next photo. -Ed.]





  1. AWW 😀 If I lived in LA, I would give the mama cat and her babies a loving forever home after the mom and her babies are fixed and have their shots 😀

  2. Gah!! The tuxie kitten almost knocked me out. ❤

  3. BatCat is really cute, but the second kitten is amazing. She oughta be in pictures!

  4. Oh! Kitten #2 is the supervillain in mid-plot, and Kitten #3 is the wacky henchman, a la Harley Quinn.

  5. Smartypants says:

    Eee – so Qte! (Booking flight to LA now).

  6. If I may be so bold, is it possible that the kitteh in the bottom picture is displaying a rule of cuteness? Yawning while simutaneously outstretching your beans in someone’s direction is cute, right? The grey kitteh with paws folded is definetely showing some cute etiquette.