RE: Simultaneous Yawning

To: Cute Overload Peeps
Fr: Us
Dt: 22 August, 2014
Re: Simultaneous Yawning


On Wednesday, we theorized that perhaps simultaneous yawning was a rather Rare Cute Phenomenon, and a potential New Rule Candidate. Apparently this is not so. Please see email from Marita below for reference. C.O. regrets this error and apologizes for any inconvenience our post may have caused. -Us

“Simultaneous yawning: not as rare as you believe 🙂
For proof see attached picture. (Showing my cat Princess and her brother Moppi (he went over the Rainbow Bridge last year but will remain in my heart forever.) And Tommy who is resistant to contagious yawning.)” -Marita.




  1. Perhaps it should be a corollary to a Rule of Cuteness?

  2. Some yawns are cuter than others…

  3. We have a lot of simultaneous yawning in my household – usually cats causing hoomins to crack their jaws.

  4. So funny and adorbs. CYR = Contagious Yawning Resistance. Sounds like a medical term.

  5. Contagious yawning is something researchers study, in part to look at the social closeness. Here’s an article on primate contagious yawing for those who might be interested: .

  6. Gorgeous cats! But since when does something have to be rare to be cute??

  7. Not only is there significant contagious yawning going on here, the floof quotient is significantly off the charts.
    BTW- Bless you Mappi. Bet you play with my girl Millie up there at rainbow bridge.

  8. I need some frivolity in my day!

  9. AWW 😀 These dear sweet kitties are making me yawn 😀

  10. Looks kind of like a cat choir.

  11. I kinda wish it was a rule of cuteness. It’s still a cute phenomenon. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill… and some day I hope to be a lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”!

  12. This kinda looke like a “multiple Fizz-Gig phenomenon”. This this is cute and unintentionally intimidating.