Mister Donut And Miffy! (Honest.)

RocketNews 24 says these are just for kids. Don’t believe that for one minute. There’s a donut chain in The Big J called Mister Donut. (We’ve encountered these guys before.) Kids 12 and under can order what’s called a “Kids Set.” That’s a small drink, two doughnuts (or pie!) and one of these Miffy The Rabbit figures for under $4 dollars US. (There’s another version that comes with soup and one doughnut. AND- they come with wheels so you can zip ’em on the ground and freak out the cat.)

No youngsters of your own? 問題ありません!(No problem!) Borrow your neighbors and head on over. Oh, and a DETAIL: ya need to be IN Japan, too.






  1. Who eats soup and donuts in the same meal? That’s just weird.

  2. Status Quo for The Big J where the QTE is concerned.

  3. people in Canada who eat at Tim Horton’s often eat soup and donuts in the same meal 🙂

  4. Sue, I had NO IDEA. I learn something new every day.