Look Over There, It’s Humphrey Bear!

His real name is Humphrey L. Lamb, and he’s currently a resident at Edgar’s Mission.

His Mom died, and the good folks at EM are caring for him.

You can read more about quiet little Humphrey here.




  1. Lambs wearing sweaters always crack me up. Oh, and want me to yell Knitted!

  2. They are just the sweetest!

  3. Humphrey’s story is moving and inspirational. What a little fighter he is! What an indominable spirit he has! I’m so glad he’s in such caring hands, where he will have a life filled with love and joy – as it should be. ❤

  4. Be happy, little Humphrey, and know you are loved! And oh BTW, you are adorable!

  5. This guy is super cute! I Love me some lambs, especially lambs with a great fashion sense!

  6. Cutiepie 🙂