Holy Flashback Friday (Updated!): They Sent Out The Bat Signal On Porpoise!

And you can’t use “To the Bat-Pool, Robin!” (Outstanding, I know- but sadly already used in the source photo thread.) Add your header to the comments section below, and we’ll update at Noon PT. Good hunting, old chum.

Updated! A tip of the C.O. cap to MS.




  1. I’m thinking “So bat-long and thanks for all the bat-fish” won’t make the cut, but I can’t resist the Douglas Adams reference.

  2. Yeah DB, I thought of Adams first too, but I couldn’t come up with anything. 😦

    So I have:

    Batman fishes for clues in local pool, suspects splash him on porpoise

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Silliest. Wetsuit. Ever.

  4. “Batman we would rather follow you than Aquaman!!!!

  5. minimoppel says:

    Maybe too long for a headline, but the picture totally reminded me of this one:
    “I, I wish you could swim
    Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
    Though nothing,
    nothing will keep us together
    We can beat them, for ever and ever
    Oh we can be Heroes,
    just for one day”

  6. The evil Dr. Propoise and his hench-cetaceans attack Batman and the Boy Wonder. Flipper!! Splash! Ka-Plop!!

  7. 260Oakley says:

    “No, The Penguin isn’t here. Gotta watch out for those red herrings, friend.”

  8. Holy cetacean, Batman!

  9. Kind of gives a different meaning to “old chum.”

  10. They sent out the bat signal on porpoise!

  11. How many tries do we get?

    “The auditions for Bat-Dolphin begin.”
    “Batman suspects this a crime with a sinister porpoise.”
    “Robin! Hand me the Bat Dolphin-Repellant!”
    “Wishing to travel in the fast lane, Batman misunderstands the meaning of ‘carpool'”
    “Throw them the old chum, Old Chum!”
    “Aquaman’s job isn’t so tough.”


  12. Thanks but no tanks