Have A Whale Tail…In Your Face

So you’re just havin’ yourself a little kayak float in Monterey Bay. Oh, look. A nice whale. And hmmm, he’s comin’ pretty close and OH HE’S RIGHT UNDER US! (Er, haven’t we been here before?) [Note: a bit o’ mild NSFW language. -Ed.]




  1. paula fisicaro says:

    i think “holy shit, holy shit” just about says it all!

  2. Just breathtaking to watch. Can’t imagine actually experiencing it.

  3. What a cool experience! Wow!

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    Hey, at least she didn’t beach her kayak on the whale!

  5. gretelhallett says:

    That whale was sooo gentle, it could easily have capsized those kayaks – It makes me even angrier to think of people hunting and killing them.