Crikey! Meet Kangaroo Dundee!

This fellow bloke, sorry, gotta speak the local language- is named Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes, and he is mos’ def’ channeling a bit o’ the late great Steve Irwin, eh? AND WILLYA LOOK AT THE LITTLE GUYS WITH HIM. Sorry to shout- bebeh kangas get me all kinds o’ wound up.


Quoting Mail Online, “While working as a tour guide in the Northern Territory, he realised (British Spelling alert!) that people in remote areas of Australia were looking for a place to take orphaned or injured animals, so he opened The Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre.”




Link from Sharon B-C. (Western Australia)



  1. What a lovely, wonderful man. The roolets are absolutely enchanting. ❤

  2. The licence plate on the car is ROORESQ. Love it!

  3. I want a basket ‘o bebeh kangaroos!!! I want it now, now, now!!!

  4. Wow! I totally love the video! Roos are so cute and cuddly.

  5. Men of CO! Anyone remember the TV show “Skippy”?

  6. Sharing saliva was a bit much…but the guy certainly deserves a spot in the Men of CO calendar. That basquet of babies is just adorable!!!

  7. GC, I agree that the sharing saliva was a bit strange, but think of the crazy stuff Steve Irwin did! LOL These Roos are TO DIE FOR. I can’t believe that the guy is so big too! 6’7″!!!

  8. He could be the Men of CO centerfold! Woohoo! I’m fine with the spit swapping. He wasn’t just spouting words when he said he’d give 200% for those joeys. That’s going above and beyond the call of duty. Send me a basket of abnorable Roos and a heaping helping of Aussie animal rescuer.

  9. That basket of bebehs is just a vortex of cute.

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    Donna! I don’t remember it, but I’ve seen the ad for it on Craig Ferguson show. Too funny! .. And, the basket of bebeh roos just about did me in.!

  11. “Hopping practice???” I am ded.

    Also, howcome there isn’t even a tag “Men of CO”?

  12. Swapping spit with the joeys didn’t bother me a bit. He is, after all, their mommy. Bless his generous and loving heart! ❤

  13. Marsheeeee says:

    OMG I am in love!!!!! Everybody on this post is beautiful! The joeys, the bloke, even the BBC for filming this. Thanks CO.

  14. Baby kangaroos + basket= Megacute!

  15. Mos’ def’ a Men of CO candidate! Basket of joeys and the line of hanging joeys–all SO definitely cute!

  16. The basket photo is off the charts with Beady Eye Factor™ (BEF™).

  17. Sharon Wilson says:

    I don’t know which is cuter–the line of roos in handbags or a row of bebeh bat burritos!

  18. Yes…I would like to order, for delivery: one basket roolets, large with a side of miwk bottles. One marmalade kitty, small. Does that come with any sunbeam action? Oh, and one black lab puppy, with extra-large paws and ears on that. 30 minutes? I’ll be waiting.

  19. The baby kangarros in the bags was cute also!

  20. megamissystar says:

    Lemme just recap…This dude is 6’7″, shirtless, feeding a baby roo? Yeah, It must be my birthday.

  21. Laura DragonWench says:

    As a 6’1″ female who would love to find someone to tower over me, I nominate myself as Cute Overload ambassador. If everyone would be willing to chip in to buy me a plane ticket–one way would be fine–I’ll happily fly to Australia and join Brolga in his ‘roo rescue mission. 😀

  22. Blue Footed Booby says:

    In that last pic one of the babbies seems a bit unclear on the game plan. I love it.

  23. judithspeced says:

    Ok, awesome bloke, think he’s tops (makes me proud to live in Oz), but remind me not to KEES HEEM as he has baby roo slobber.