#TBT, August 21, 2008: “Say “Zeeeeeeeee”

[And this was WAY before “Photobombs” and “Selfies.” Those were the days. -Ed.]

Hey Ed, get a LOAD of these stoopid Landcruiser types!

Although, we do look… kinda awesome…

[head tilts to side to check out mirror]


Amy K., Say ‘Hi’ to Nairobi for me…



  1. tommygirl says:

    That is a super cute shot!

  2. They are gorgeous and they know it! 🙂

  3. The one on the right looks a little cheeky. 🙂

  4. “Does this mirror make me look rounder?”
    “No, sweetie, vertical stripes are quite slimming”

  5. Most excellent SNL reference. “I’m not that strong a swimmer.”

  6. Kellygirl says:

    Oh, I LOVE the SNL reference – I re-watched that just recently! “No, you’re not angry at him.”

  7. But first lets take a selfie