Puggle In Flight: A Moving Story

Clipboard01“Thank you for this wonderful site! I have been an avid reader for years and it would be a birthday wish (31 today!) come true if you can feature my Puggle, Gigi. We just recently moved from LA to Raleigh, NC and the move was a logistical mess! My Puggle and I were separated from my husband and Yorkie Mutt for what seemed like forever while we waited for the moving vans. Gigi wanted to tell the story from her perspective so she made this on my iPad. Honest.” -Alexandra G.


  1. That is just ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!! To Alexandra: Happy Birthday! And to Gigi: Good girl! GOOD GIRL!

  2. What a wonderful tale!

  3. Charlie Peters says:

    Go Alex!

  4. What airline allows dogs to be out of the crate?! That looks delightful!

  5. Copperbat says:

    Hooray for Gigi! Happy B-day, Alexandra! Welcome home!

  6. Gigi has a service dog vest on so she doesn’t have to be in the crate.

  7. This is beautiful!!! I shed some tears. Happy Birthday.

  8. Alexandra, welcome to Raleigh from another CA to NC transplant!

  9. Beautiful! And beautifully done, Gigi! Welcome to the east coast, from another Cali transplant. You’ll love it in NC!

  10. There are ninjas in my kitchen cutting up lots of onions.

    This is so beautiful. Brave Gigi! Moving s*cks and is stressful so it is a good thing Gigi was there to help her hoomins and brother. <3

  11. (sigh) That was truly sweet! What an expressive face. Beautiful family!

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