Poll: Stumpy Cuttlefish ACTION At The MBA!

Lookit this little goofball, floating casually through the water at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Let’s go Polling, shall we? Cute? Or….NOT Cute. THAT ’tis the qwesh. (Note- I’m voting Cute. His first name is “Stumpy,” after all. -B.)



  1. ridiculous cute!

  2. So cute! Any critter with the fancy fringe of a Victorian settee — and wiggles it with such flair — has my vote!

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    Is that David Arkenstone music in the background?

  4. Y’know, it is pretty cute for something that’s vaguely Lovecraftian.

  5. Adorbs. He did an interpretive dance w/ his teeny tentacles & fluttery propulsion tutu.

  6. A corollary to Rule of Cuteness #7 (and 14, 15, and 17): If you propel yourself by moving just a tiny part of your body, it’s cute.

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    If there is any justice in this godforsaken world “fluttery propulsion tutu” will become the official scientific terminology, a la “thagomizer.”

  8. Natch. All cephalopods are cute.

  9. I was going to call it a “circumferential flutter-ruffle,” but yes, Fluttery Propulsion Tutu is way, way better. (You rock, Anner.) Plus, the little dude has a GRABBY HANDS FACE. Come on! Cute!

  10. Thagomizer: Named after the late Thag Simmons. 🙂

  11. in the last shot, it looks like “two thumbs up”! i also love fluttery propulsion tutu.