Let’s Shed Some Light On This Subject

[No! Don’t turn the light on, I haz lots of fun now?]




  2. Everything’s a toy when you’re a kitten.

  3. Whack-a-mole says:

    When he keeps popping his head out (0:26), all I can think of is Whack-a-mole. No, of course I wouldn’t whack him. But I sure would laugh at his game of peek-a-boo.

  4. That crocheted lamp coveris beautiful, but you just KNOW it is going to become a toy for the kitteh. 😀

  5. I know what I want my granny to make me for Christmas 😀

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    Kittehs are so cute when they’re being bad! That lamp shade’s not gonna last too long…

  7. Gotta love the peeps who will sacrifice decorations for the sake of a cute video. Cute Overloaders every where thank you.

  8. Oh my god, that should have come with a warning sign. That was at the same time the funniest cutest impending doom video ever!

  9. oh, no, it’s the whack-a-cat-in-the-lamp!!

  10. Excuse me you have a little cat fur, oh, a little cat on your lampshade. One of my cats used to play with some silk flowers an sleep in them as a kitten. Today, people tell me they look so lifelike by the way they were rearranged.

  11. That is a beautiful cat! And who would’ve ever thunk to make a lampshade cozy?

  12. The tiny squeak at :28!

  13. petless in Puddletown says:

    Classic wallpaper too!

  14. 😆 This dear sweet kitty thinks the lampshade cozy is a playhouse 😆

  15. I love the part where the butt and tailio are sticking straight up- hilarious! Kitty is having a blast! 🙂