GO FOR IT, Rocky!

Able to leap tall long chairs at a single bound!




  1. Needs “Men of Cute Overload” tag!

  2. @pookie, I second that!
    OMG the front leg lifting action….and then he just jumped right into his hoomin’s arms the second time becasue he knew hoomin would catch him. My eyeballs are leaking this is so adorable. ❤

  3. Love this … So true of all of us on that first jump! Left me with a smile on my heart! Congratulations ROCKY!

  4. Do any men pictured on this site NOT get called Men of Cute Overload?

  5. No, Deckard. It’s been scientifically proven that showing love to an animal increases one’s own attractiveness exponentially. It’s like the pet version of beer goggles.

  6. Kellygirl says:

    Here, here, Juno! 🙂

  7. Where does one get these peanut-sized French Bulldog puppehs?

  8. Juno nailed it.

  9. Smartypants says:

    Juno described it perfectly! (should we call this phenomenon ‘dear goggles’?)

  10. Sure it’s cute – Until he grows older and heavier and STILL expects you to catch him. 🙂

  11. The second jump and its verticality is The Qte. I want a lake version of that! (When baby pup gets a little older.)

  12. ❤ @Juno. An excellent explanation and so true!