Give It Up For…..Benson! (Updated: Basket Photo By Request!)

Stephanie M. tells us, “This is my little Sheltie pup named Benson. He likes to get into his basket of toys* (who needs to pull them out, when you can get in and chew them all at once?!,) snuggle and just be overall way too cute.” No argument there, Steffer. BTW- allll-most lookin’ at Rule #50 there, too.


[*Note: Couldn’t use the basket photo ’cause it was kinda blurry, but it was Cute, believe me. -B.]

Here ya go!

benson basket



  1. Those puppy eyes… Eep!

  2. Aww, why soo sad-looking, Benson?

  3. We want the basket photo blurry or not!

  4. Basket photo! Basket photo!!!!

  5. Smartypants says:

    Yes, want the basket photo! I promise I won’t say “Waah, it’s blurry!” 😀

  6. It’s not that we don’t trust you Brinke… you say it’s cute, then it’s cute. But you’re outnumbered, and we WANT the basket photo.

  7. Stephanie needs to take another basket photo and send it in so we can see it. Stop taunting us and do it, Stephanie, please do it!!! 🙂

    Or maybe Brinke can just post the blurry photo to appease us. 😆

  8. I too vote for even a blurry basket photo. Benson is beyond adorbs.

  9. Excellent hovertext does not make up for the lack of a basket photo! 😀

  10. I have two Shelties at home who are almost as cute as young Benson!

    We Sheltie people know the truth, if a Sheltie were on the job, little Timmy would never have fallen in the well in the first place! Yay a Sheltie is finally on! I have to rush home to tell Roxie & Forrest about this. Boss, gotta go it’s a ‘mergency for reals boss.

  11. @Rachael, But of course.

  12. So much floofie, so much perky earses, so much adorbs

  13. Can I have his pawagraph

  14. tots adorbs