Best Name Ever: Griffin Von Porkchop

That would have to rank up there, though it’s not on this list, amazingly.

This is the one and only Griffin Von Porkchop.

Mashable says GVP “was born with an asymmetrical jaw which causes his snaggletooth.”

Check out The Man on Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, and The Tube Of You. (Who has time to update all of those?)




  1. Move over, Grumpy, we now has
    Snarky Kat.

  2. Laughed so hard over “stick a dab of macaroni on it” in the hovers.

  3. That’s Graf (Sir) Griffin von Porkschop to you!! Full title, please, at all times!

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    Bite those blind cords! Yang, yang, yang!

  5. Love the snaggletooth!

  6. Love him. I had a Noah had a snaggletooth just like that — only on the other side.

  7. Mr Snaggletooth von Porkchop!

  8. 😆 Griffin VonPorkchop definitely knows how to give everyone the disapproval look 😆

  9. Love the half underbite and I am a sucker for flat faces! This guy has a lot of character in that flat face!

  10. Griffin is adorable! ” I’ll give you the tooth, you stupid blind! ” 🙂

  11. I think this handsome lad could get a job as an Elvis impersonator.