Nice Pajamas, Saya!

Last week we met Birthday Girl Saya. It looks like Saya got some PJ’s for her birthday!


Saya The Golden Doodle/Labradoodle mix, from Betty F.


  1. where did her eyes go?!? :D so cute!!!!! ack. snuggle wuggle.

  2. cutie pie.

  3. you gotta meet her!

  4. The only way to respond to the last pictures is:

  5. Okay. Pups in PJ’s are the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. So. Yeah. Need one. Now. :)

  6. Is she part sheepdog? How does she not walk into walls?

  7. Kiss kiss! Sweety hug!

  8. She’s a “double doodle” right?

  9. @kiragirl: that’s right!

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