Man! There’s A Kitteh THERE, And One THERE!!!

[Everywhere ah looks, there be another KITTEH that looks like ME! I feel like a SPAZ.]

Spotted by Smedley.



  1. Please remove the word “spaz”. It is an offensive derivative of the word spastic which is also an offensive word used to refer to a person with cerebral palsy. It is clearly understood that no offense was deliberately intended. And why is Cute Overload having a poll regarding eating chicken wings when chicken wings are cute, especially when they are still on the chicken.

  2. There is absolutely nothing in the world more fun than a kitten. I haven’t owned a kitten in ages since I’ve only adopted senior cats the last few years, so it’s great to be able to come to CO for a daily dose of kitten happy craziness.

  3. This kitteh has discovered the secret of perpetual motion. 😀 Eventually kitteh will get tired, curl up and go to sleep, giving the hoomin a chance to smother it with kisses. Well, at least that is the scenario I would expect if the grey kitteh was in MY bedroom.

  4. Every once and a while he looks at the window and thinks “birdie!” lol

  5. Lynn, you might as well ask to remove “idiot” because it used to refer specifically to people with mental retardation. We’ve moved on.

  6. Seconding the request to remove the word “SPAZ.” The modern derogatory usage is in describing folks with autism. So, let’s just not go there.

  7. Me too with the word spaz, I’m afraid. It’s along there with words like mong or flid.

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    What the heck was that chicken wing comment about? What poll is this, and what’s the problem with it?

  9. @BFB I must have missed that one too! I don’t know how cause I live on this site. 🙂

  10. The poll is below the video on the right when you go to comments. Mine had one about the Kardashians. I’d pick chicken wings over kardashians any day.

  11. Smartypants says:

    Oh, I think I saw the Chicken-wing poll the other day! It struck me as curious too. Pretty sure it’s from one of the sponsors (“click bait”), not a real CO poll. For instance, right now in that spot, I see a poll about vinyl records, which also isn’t CO-related.

  12. Rhonda B. says:

    @ Smartypants- yea, now I know why I didn’t notice it. Those are stupid and they are not polls sponsored by CO. They are the equivalent of junk mail.

  13. Now I am hungry for chicken wings…. 🙂
    The poll I saw was for who I want to play at the Super Bowl half time show. There was no wombat response, so I did not participate in the poll. 😀 😀

    That kitteh is cracking me up. The sideways hopping just keells me every time.

  14. @Deckard Canine: yup, Henry Goddard came up with these terms for various level of “feebemindedness”: under 3 years of mental age = Idiot, 3-7 years = Imbecile, 8-12 years = Moron.

  15. AWW 😆 I just LOVE watching this dear sweet kitty playing on the bed 😆

  16. I agree about the word “spaz” being banned here.

  17. nothing better than a kitten with the zoomies 🙂

  18. Cute swinging from the curtains in 5… 4…. 3…. 2….

  19. Lynn, Teresa, where are you from? I know that in England it’s not an okay term, but I have NEVER heard anyone be offended by that word, and I know several people with cerebral palsy. When I use it around people or they use it (yes the people who have cerebral palsy) it has never been offensive, always a friendly/ funny way to tell someone they are being overly silly!
    LOOOOVE this video 🙂

  20. WaldenPond says:

    I am still feeling disbelief over a comment from a while back (years?) concerning a bun in a picnic setting eating pasta. The commenter expressed outrage and dramatic worry that the bun would be ill from eating ‘carbs’. Meanwhile, grey puddish here is a major goofball…:)

  21. Never heard of “spaz” used derogatorily for people with cerebral palsy. Researching, I discovered that in England the word is used exclusively for that purpose and Brits don’t understand its casual use in the U.S! Growing up in the midwest in the 70s & 80s we used it if someone was–as we say now–“freaked out” about something unnecessarily. I’m with students daily and this just isn’t a word that’s used. I would never use it now that I know! and IMHO no one should assume users are aware of its insulting context.

  22. Come on people. Words have different meanings and it is VERY clear what is meant by the word “spaz” here. It is FAR from derogatory. Lighten up! That kitten is being an adorable spaz which is a derivative of spastic. Here is a definition taken from the internet” In American slang, the term “spaz” is largely inoffensive, and is generally understood as a casual word for clumsiness, sometimes associated with over-excitability, excessive startle response (“jumpiness”), excessive energy, or hyperactivity.” SO you have to agree…this kitten was being a spaz! 🙂