Lemme Just Tune ‘Em A Little Bit~

“..’cause these babies can pick up police band!” (Photo of an orphaned baby opossum taken yesterday at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu.) – From KB.



  1. Peanutcat says:

    Gah! M-I-C-K-E-Y . . . . .

  2. Take THAT, all you people who have said possums aren’t cute!

  3. Oh my!!! That is the cutest baby ever…normally posums are…say not that cute, but this one brakes the norm for sure!

  4. Princess Leia Possum. 🙂

  5. hey look ma, a baby rat, aint he cute, that ain a rat son that is a possum, mom what is a possum, well hum, let me think, it is an oversized rat, lol

  6. Possums are adorbs!

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    An oversized rat *with a pouch.*
    ~*marsupials 4 lyfe*~

  8. Soooo cute, I think I just squeed on myself!!!