Curses! Foiled AGAIN!

Little Sqwerl Dude (actually, HEFTY Sqwerl Dude) just doesn’t know when to give up!

(From the video: “For anyone who is concerned about the squirrel, he still raids our other two feeders and the vegetable garden. The tiny amount of Vaseline™ used is non-toxic, the kind used for lip balm.”) As seen on VVV.



  1. I think I saw this at an Italian street fair.

  2. Ehn!

  3. Sqwerl says “this is not over!”

  4. Jackie Rose says:

    I guffawed over this … and was very glad that I don’t speak squirrel. I imagine the little fellow was making some colorful observations. 🙂 (Poor little guy. Fluffy-tailed rodents need love too!)

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    I like the hummingbirds flying by every so often…

  6. I feel so bad for laughing at him! Maybe leave a little something out for him?

  7. I could watch this all day.

  8. He’s a squirrel, he’ll find another way in.

  9. stunbunny says:

    “Dang it!”
    “Dang it!”
    “Dang it!”
    “Dang it!”

    “DANG IT!!!”

  10. Catviccer says:

    Squirrel pole dancing. But where do you leave the tip? 😉

  11. I was feeling rather sleepy after lunch…, till I saw this video! 😀 😀 😀

  12. The upside is that this squirrel now has the softest paws in the squirrel community. 🙂

  13. tommygirl says:

    I lol’d 😛

  14. This is a great video but I was kinda distracted by the hand. Is this a deleted scene from Manos Hands of Fate?

  15. I am in tears from laughing so hard. That is fantastic. I love the commentary from the ladies in the background. That garden is beautiful! Can someone explain the hand, though? LOL

  16. “I’m still hungry, but my belleh floof is perfectly styled.”

  17. “I got it. I got it. I got it. [thump] I ain’t got it.”

  18. Anyone else trying to figure out a way to use this on their cats?

  19. Ah, hand in the garden. These are my kind of people.

  20. Anyone else notice on the attempt around 1:45 that he tries to hang on with his teeth as he’s sliding? I noticed that on the 3rd viewing of this video.

  21. gretelhallett says:

    I was laughing at the commentator’s laughter as much as the poor squerl! I think Vaseline is a brilliant idea to save the bird food for the birdies, but I would also put out squerl food for the squerl to make up for it.