Boo? Boooooo? Where ARE You?

Has ANYone seen Boo The Cat?

From Chrissa G.



  1. Hey, we also have a cat called Boo who is also a brown tabby with white paws! Our Boo is a fraidy cat, though, so I doubt he’d play this adorable game–he has a profound fear of being trapped where the other cat can get him.

  2. Bwahahahahaha! Check and mate, rolly cup-thing!

  3. really cute. 😀

  4. It’s like a kitty Dalek!

  5. 0.36 onwards: “Exterminate!”

  6. AWW 😆 Get dear sweet Boo out of that basket, Chrissa G., so the dear sweet kitty can play better 😆

  7. That was my thought EvieJoy,

    It’s like a Tardis from the planet Kyote. BTW, I think the videographer’s going to hurt something they’re so hard.

  8. Sender-inner here: FYI, she loves playing from inside the basket. Even as a kitten she would position obstacles between her and her toys.