This Post Has Gone To The Dogs

And this Corgi puppeh doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

From BuzzFeed.



  1. Too bad he wasn’t enjoying the massage and was all stressed out about it.

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My dad used to do this for our dog after he started getting old and creaky (the dog, not my dad…though I guess he’s old and creaky too). Dog loved it, and would poke Dad with his paw if he stopped too soon.

  3. My great-grandmother was a masseuse at a health club in Portland. She was no more than 5′ tall, but had hands that could bend iron. She would give us head massages, and watching the adorbs Corgs get one reminded me of her.

  4. I used to massage our doggie’s abdomen when he’d get gas, so we could get it over with and not have stink bombs around the house all day. He was touchy about letting people handle his legs and paws, but would let me do anything if I started at the belly and got him nice and relaxed!

  5. That dog could not be any happier if his life depended on it. I am soooo envious! ‘Course, I’m not nearly as adorable. Or furry. 🙂

  6. Franci Zalon says:

    Oh the JOY!

  7. mollykubik says:

    Pure bliss.

  8. Just watching this video relaxes me. What an adorable little Corgi! 🙂