Slowly…I Creep Towards The Hoomin…

[And when they least expect it…I STRIKE! OK, well, maybe not.]

Thanks to James H. for sending this in.



  1. 260Oakley says:

    “I see bed people.”

  2. At first it seemed kitteh had whackadoodle eyes, but then s/he just seemed confused and bewildered.

    And, Oakley? Nice one.

  3. No, no, Kitty. It can’t be unseen.

  4. Oakley…as awesome as ever.

  5. Poor kitteh is scarred for life. 🙂

  6. Up periscope!!! Ummmm… I dunno…. Looks scary… Down periscope!!!

  7. Classic example why we love kittehs so much!

  8. Someone’s been at the catnip again…

  9. Look at those eyes. Those pupils are COMPLETELY dilated! This cat is a stalker.

  10. Scarier than the last two ‘Paranormal’ movies.

  11. 😆 That dear sweet kitty looks like he/she saw something that he/she did not know what it is 😆

  12. I was already sold, and THEN I saw the shifting eyes. I DIED laughing. The slow retreat is amazing!! I have a cat that makes that face, but not so slowly. She also tiptoes backwards slowly if she thinks she’s about to get pounced on by the other kitty. I have yet to film it.

  13. ElaineBenes says:

    Sunrise, sunset…

  14. This video needs Inception music!

  15. weaselwardancer says:

    Da dum. Da dum. Da dum da dum….. (theme from Jaws, sort of)

  16. Kitten thinking…”OMG…What is THAT!”