Sliding into Home

Roger, Mallard Air niner-niner, you are cleared for landing on runway three. Be advised that runway conditions may be a little icy, over.




  1. It kind of looks like fun!

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Ice Road Duckers

  3. Love the tail-flap braking action….

  4. Well, not as graceful as Pumaman, but close… 😀

    “I hate to be picky, but pumas aren’t know for flying”

  5. “Tower .. Please be advised .. Runaway needs de-icing .. BADLY !!”

  6. Not_That_Steph_The_Other_Steph says:

    Just as funny as watching the goat slide on ice.

  7. Otherwise known as a Hard Water Landing.

  8. Needs the sound of bowling pins falling at the end there.

  9. After he steadies himself he’s totally like “oh, I meant to do that.”

  10. Roger Roger.