Classic Side-Eye Action On The Oregon Coast!

image“This is Ginger, from Michele S.”


  1. ha ha ha – zee wily pirate storms zee castle turrets. Zer will be victory in zee sand today (well, at least that is what I think that cute doggie is thinking) p.s. I miss Meg’s atrocious french accented posts.

  2. OR she is thinking: “That moat looks like it needs some WATER, ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkthatyoudo.”


  4. avecmoipets FTW!!! That just cracked me up.🙂

    Ginger is soooooooooo adorbs!!!❤

  5. Ginger looks a little mischievous in this pic.😉 She is adorable!

  6. Avecmoipets, FTW indeed! Yep, I think there’s about to be a flood…