Two, Tired

Flickrer Mark Peters rolls out the story: “Last week, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary accepted a mother pig and her babies into the fold. PETA rescued this family from a trash-filled pen in a trailer park in North Carolina. Now they can munch on grass, sleep in a straw-filled bed, and live out their lives together with lots of space to roam in, mud pools to cool off in, and a family of more than 40 other pigs to socialize with.”



  1. cuddly, muddy piggy piggy!

  2. two tired? really? How do these things come to you?

  3. PETA did something that *wasn’t* self-serving media-whoring theatre? My, my. Isn’t that something.

    Seriously, though, glad to see these content critters.

  4. Smartypants says:

    “I have to get up twenty minutes early to curl my ears, but it’s worth it!”

  5. Those curly ears are keelling me.
    What a wonderful ending to this resqte story. I am so happy the pigs are safe now.

  6. Even the barn is all “OMG, the cuteness! I can’t stand it!”

  7. Intrinsic says:

    Surprised to see PETA actually doing something good for a change.
    I’m just glad to see these little oinkers safe & sound, considering PETA’s record for “rescues.”