Remember The High Diving Giraffes?

Well, the Giraffes are back, and they’ve brought their pals. (Pre-Emptive Nuffer Disclaimer: This. Is. Computer. Generated.)

From David R.



  1. A little help here? What does the number “3” and “belle tay youz faastwa” mean?

  2. France 3 is a public TV channel in…France.

  3. The flappular ears on the skydiving trunksters made me happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. humminbirdie says:

    my unofficial translation is “Happy summer, on France [channel] 3!”

  5. Is it just me .. or do I sense a few seismographs about to spike when then all land.

    EARTHQUAKE !!!! .. nay .. That’s just the PPT landing out in the field.
    (Packie Parachute Team)

  6. DewiCasGwent says:

    My Third successful sub mee shon

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    Melvin on the high wire in “Madagascar 3!”

  8. Hello From Paris says:

    France 3 is the third french national channel, hence the name France 3 🙂
    and “belle tay youz faastwa” means “Happy summer on France 3”

    I’m actually watching France 3!
    Good night from Paris, it’s 10.35pm here.

  9. Thank you for that…

  10. Are you sure that’s not real? l-P

  11. un vídeo muy divertido y lleno de imaginación.

  12. I’m with Kar on this – I’m pretty sure that was all real. 😆

  13. Incredibly beautiful and cute! Love it!

  14. Yes, they pushed 6 elephants out of a plane without parachutes-lol. The entire add is quite lovely.
    I wonder if the used “performance capture” like Avatar using human skydivers?