[OK, maybe I can’t. Yet.]

Via Distractify.com.



  1. 4leafclover says:

    Which KitKat do you prefer–regular or snack size? 😉

  2. Tony James says:

    Lemme see here (puts on glasses, licks pencil, hitches seat of overalls) – we got ourselves a rule nummer seven, a seventeen *and* an eighteen, yip, you’re right, that’s a nineteen too (well spotted, mother), a thirty-deuce and a thirty-four. Let’s see, that’s one, two, three, four, five – well, Katey bar the door, that’s SIX Rules o’Cuteness happ’nin’ right here in this kitchen. Never thought I’d live to see it.

  3. Over at Go Fug Yourself, they have what’s called a “scrolldown” fug. That is, the top of the picture looks fine, and then something goes horribly wrong as you scroll down. This here is what I’ll call a “scrolldown cute.” Cute enough with the big cat reaching for something, and then you scroll down to see its little mini-me and die of the Cute.

  4. That teeny tail curl is killing me.

  5. aagghh too cute!

  6. From a fellow Go Fug Yourself fan, yes indeed, this is indeed a scrolldown cute! The big guy is a beauty but that little “me too!” muffin is killing me (in the best possible way!)

  7. @Kar, me too! It is excessively stubbular. ❤

  8. Kitty and her mini-me.

  9. That micro-kitty is too much. Tiny paws and little curled tail…aaarrrgghhh… *thump*

  10. AWW 😀 Looks like the big kitty is teaching the little kitty how to reach for the top of the counters 😀

  11. Peanutcat says:

    sometimes the best pics are the ones you have to scroll down to get the full effect!