Cute Overload Calendar Headline Contest: “We Survived Shark Week. Let’s Seal-ebrate!”

Matt S. is the proud owner of a pair of 2015 Cute Overload Calendars! Don’t fret, we’ll do ‘er again NEXT Monday!

You could be the OWNER of two brand-new (it’ll be shrink wrapped For Your Protection) 2015 Cute Overload Calendars. Submit your headline in the comments, and at 2pm PT we’ll announce the winner! He/she will get both the Mini AND the, er, Maxi Calendar. Get typing- time’s a-wastin’!




  1. Hi folks, this is Fluffy McPipsqueak here, comin’ to ya’ as Santa’s elves get ready for the long season of toy-building that leads up to that special delivery day, Crispmouse! Watch as we taste-test cookies and candy canes.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Snowtown Classics presents: “Signed, Seal-ed, Be-shivered, I’m yours”

  3. Dave Brannon says:

    You brought me a sandwich? Really? What’s a sandwich?
    Does it have fish in it? Oh, OK, thanks!

  4. Excuse me sir, would you like to buy a CO calendar?

  5. Dave Brannon says:

    You’re not going to club me for my pelt?
    Well, I’m really glad to see you, too!

  6. ….And in other news, Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow today, meaning 6 more weeks of winter! YAY!!

  7. Just stop now and send Oakley the calendars.

  8. Dave Brannon says:

    OK, OK. A bull seal and an Orca go into a bar . . .

  9. I’m confused: are we coming up with a caption for the seal photo, or some kind of headline for selling calendars?

  10. Dave Brannon says:

    I’m sure I could be a movie star if I could just get to Hollywood!

  11. Dave Brannon says:

    So cute, I’ve busted hearts in igloos across the North!

  12. Dave Brannon says:

    I’m so sick of this white on white get up!

  13. Dave Brannon says:

    Come closer, Darling. I just want to make sure you taste OK!

  14. Mother of Chaos says:

    Still complaining about the weather?

  15. Dave Brannon says:

    You say a Rum Toddy will warm me up?
    What is this “warm” you speak of?

  16. Dave Brannon says:

    Hi. My name is Whitey and I’m terminally cute!
    Thanks for inviting me to this support group.

  17. This calendar has my seal of approval!

  18. I will melt you and all of this snow with the power of my cuteness!

  19. Dave Brannon says:

    This is the weirdest Summer Camp I’ve ever been to!

  20. toborzgrrl says:

    Shane! Come back, Shane!

  21. A snow cone for me?! I didn’t even know they came in rainbow squid flavor!!

  22. Dave Brannon says:

    Yeah! If I had an opposable thumb I could post your picture, too!

  23. Dave Brannon says:

    Look – Don’t tell anybody about the oil we found, OK?

  24. Ermahgerd…Sner!

  25. … Ex”seal”ent!!!

  26. Word up!!!

  27. Caption: I can haz herring!

  28. Shocking isn’t it. Im a baby seal on Cute Overload. Ok so maybe not so shocking!! I AM adorable!!

  29. Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Arctic Vacation spot. I am your tour guide, Whitey Fuzzy McWhiskerson.

    Rudolph: “Eggs break; Bumbles bounce!”

  31. EXTRA! EXTRA! Herring and cod prices up worldwide! Read all about it!

  32. We survived Shark Week. Let’s Seal-ebrate!

  33. Hello World! I’m a bebeh seal and I’m adorable.

  34. Mikeyfur–I concur. I mean, really. Once Oakley gets in, the contest is generally over. Not that the rest of these aren’t great too. . .

  35. Hey! Whassup?! Wanna play??

  36. Wait!!! That’s not my best side 🙂

  37. Whatareyougotmilkgotfishwannaplay?

  38. Just say Yes to white after Labor Day!

  39. januaryfarmer says:

    Hey, haven’t we met before?

  40. Land of the living.. Q-tips!

  41. Liz Lintel says:

    Forget calendar girls, this should be your next pin-up!

  42. Laurie Shaw says:

    I haz such a happy to meet ya.

  43. You mean Twinkies are back?!?!???!!!!!

  44. Athos' Slave says:

    “Fish Breath?” Con-Seal it with Winter Fresh Scope.

  45. Sealy here! Want to try our brand new snow mattress? I guarantee they are as fluffy, soft and cool as I am!

  46. No .. I didn’t take your fish (Jedi Mind Trick) I’m not the seal your looking for .. He’s over there playing with the seagulls.

  47. Give us a kiss and SEAL the deal!

  48. januaryfarmer says:


  49. Linda Allen says:

    Let me tell you about this global warming thing! My cousin, Frosty the Snowman, told me all about it!

  50. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    Dum-dee-dum, need to fix my hair in the mirror… AHHH!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?! HOW DID I TURN INTO A BABY SEAL?!

  51. Today, C O–tomorrow the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models!

  52. Oh Hi! So glad you could stop by! Would you like to play now?

  53. Patti Gutwein says:

    Good day, Sunshine! Glad you could make it!

  54. It’s Snow Cone Day! Wanna Snow Cone?!? I got booberry, cherry, rootbeer…

  55. Will that feesh fit in here or do I gotta open up a bit more?

  56. Hey, The Snow is Fresh and Crisp, grab your ski’s and some Herring for me.

  57. Peek-A-Boo!

  58. oh hai! 2015 is the year of the floof (i mean sheep)

  59. Sharon Buck says:

    Seal the deal on your Cute Overload calendar today!

  60. Say it in Agnes’ high-pitched voice … I’M SO FLUFFY!!!

  61. “Could I be any happier? No!”

  62. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Girl.

  63. Threellamabeans says:

    “I can has blorp AND a calendar?!”

  64. Look, have Wilhelmina tell Cute Overload that I don’t get off the floe for under $25,000. If they don’t like it tell them to get Giselle. She’ll do anything. Why isn’t there an Evian in my flipper right now? And I said FRESH sturgeon roe.

  65. Congrats Matt S!

  66. Shmoo?