Catching Up With Underdog

The kids these days, they got no gratitude. Do they care that I defeated the Mechanical Monsters or destroyed the Phoney Booths? Heck, most of them have never even seen a phone booth. Anyway, I gotta go, it’s bingo night.


Via kchill0730.



  1. Is that another beagle peeking out from beside the cabinet or a ceramic doppleganger?

  2. Good question, ffleur2… I suspect the latter, but I’m not 100 percent sure.

  3. @ffleur2, I think the other beagle is Sweet Polly Purebread.

  4. Ah yes, it must be Underdog’s girlfriend. But where is her blond pageboy?

  5. She needs a theme song!

  6. Never fear…Underdog is here!!! I used to play Underdog and Sweet Polly when I was little! Aaah memories.

  7. Did you mean a “doggleganger” ?