2 Kute Krew

That’s DJ Marmie on turntable, DJ OtherMarmie on other turntable, and DJ OtherOtherMarmie on the Phatbeatdownator 3000.



  1. Aaaak! Can’t take it! Too squee! Too squee!

  2. AWW 😀 I would pick all three marmie kitties and start cuddling them all 😀

  3. WaldenPond says:

    Another hearty thanks to NTMTOM for my giggle/ titter ala Betty Rubble before I go to sleep on this ‘Rats it’s Monday’. Sleep well and with a smile fellow CuteOverloadians!

  4. Lewis n' Clark says:

    three cute kittehs and a microphone

  5. This is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl.

  6. ElaineBenes says:

    Lewis n’ Clark, nice Beck reference! “Where it’s at! I got two turntables and a microphone…” I love the “three cute kittehs and a microphone” version! 🙂

  7. @Lewis n Clark WINS for the Beck reference. 😀

    I shall now rename one of my marmies GrandMaster Barf.