Young Man, If You Leave Your Toys Outside…

…the Fox next door is gonna come over and play with them. That will teach you to pick up after yourself!



  1. This video is approved by the Festrunk brothers 😀

  2. Malinki, we love the foxes!

  3. What did the fox say? We heard from the doggeh.

  4. That fox is hysterical! Part kitteh, part puppeh with her playful moves. Is there such a thing as “foxnip”? Cos she sure looks like she’s had some! 🙂 They never act like this in nature docs…

  5. Oh, the pouncing!

  6. mollykubik says:

    Care to bet the Fox knew the Dog was watching? I sure thought there was a lot of flaunting going on!

  7. Sophia PG says:


  8. I always think foxes look so elegant, with their long black “gloves” on; not to mention totally prosh… the playing and flaunting just sent the whole vid over. the. top. *fainting*

  9. anonymous coward says:

    talk about being self-entertaining!
    who needs a human when a fox haz a ball?

  10. Jenny Islander says:

    So foxes like to play “nanny nanny boo boo, I rule, you drool” just like magpies. Who knew?

  11. That’s a pretty big fox! I wonder where this was taken and what subspecies it is.

  12. Super adorbles! I guess even wild things just like to play.

  13. Is that dog a Dachshund?

  14. Stop by for foxy fridays- pics of our rescued pets foxes! Yes this is how foxes play- they are a riot!

  15. What a magnificent fox!

  16. I never knew foxes were so sproingy!