What’s For Breakfast On This Bunday, Tilly?

[Just a single grape will do, thanks and OM NOM NOM.]

This is a video of Tilly (short for Attila The Bun), slurping down a grape ever so Cutely. With her sweet little booplesnoot and teeeeny tiny tongue, she really hopes to make it on the site.” -Annie G.

[Note: “Booplesnoot” is now an official C.O. Word, as of this date. -Ed.]



  1. An adorable, precious bun, with her ears at 9:00. Enjoying a grape, so lady like.

  2. Booplesnoot, tongue, and those adorable nine o’clock ears! Happy Bunday, Tilly!

  3. Fastest nibbler in the West! Did you see how fast the booplesnoot moved? 🙂 Nomnomnom indeed.

  4. Attila the Bun and the Grape of Wrath

  5. Tim McDaniel says:

    Not nine-o’clock ears. They’re 7:55.

  6. Tim McDaniel says:

    (Post in haste, repent at leisure.)

    At the look of disapproval, the time will be … seven fifty five.

  7. doomchild says:

    Excuse me… it seems “foreheadular region” is still not an official term, although it got quite a few votes a few posts back (http://cuteoverload.com/2014/07/28/let-the-wookiee-win/).

    Booplesnoot! *boop*

  8. Perhaps a “booplesnoot” compilation, to celebrate the official C.O. adoption of the term?

  9. great bun name! great new word!

  10. Booplesnoot is my new favorite word!

  11. Look at that little booplesnoot go! That is FAST. 😀

  12. Tilly is soooo adorable. I always enjoy myself looking at my bunny ‘booplesnooting’, so cute!

  13. I was already squee-ing over the word “booplesnoot” when I continued reading and saw that it was now official CO terminology. Perhaps a definition? Also, what about a “rule of cuteness” regarding clock-hands ears?

  14. all hail the booplesnoot! Just a reminder- bunnehs and piggies can eat grapes and raisins, but they are dangerous for kittehs and doggies!