Time For Some Chubbular Exploring

[Hmmmmm…what’s this over here? And what’s that over there? DOGGONE IT, why does everything have to be so….TALL?] [Note- speakers up for this one. -Ed.]

As seen on Pawtube.tv.



  1. Cutey cutey! Very sweet. I would love to pick up and snuggle that dog! 🙂

  2. We have an English Bulldog. Bulldogs rule!!

  3. Bt this one is so much cuter! http://youtu.be/JQTh40wFZe4

  4. oh my gawd i can’t even *falls over*

  5. Wiggly butt!

  6. The chubbularity is awesome! The tiny tailio looks like a small order of soft-serve ice cream.

  7. His chub rolls must be squeezed. Too prosh.

  8. The ‘tocks!.The ‘TOCKS!


  10. BulldogMommy13 says:

    Bulldogs are amazing creatures. So loveable. So squishable. So comical. A bit high-maintenance & worth every bit of it. All my girlios have been rescues,too,btw. Shout out to my Zoie, snoring on the couch next to me, xxoo.

  11. I need to pop that morsel in my mouf immediately. 🙂