I Told Them I Wanted MEOW MIX

[And what do they give me? A….lemon wedge? OK. Fine. I guess they DO need new curtains.]

From I Can Has Cheezburger.



  1. AWW 😀 I will feed you, dear sweet little kitty 😀

  2. Lemon + Kitteh = Sour Puss

  3. 100% prosh.

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Poor little kitty. Don’t worry. Lemon wedges always mean fish is on the menu.
    Or your human is a lush and is making a batch of limoncellos for breakfast. Either way it could be a good day.

  5. I would love a glimpse into the wonderful mind of Oakley.

  6. Do you know that cats are repelled. By the smell of citrus?

  7. this photo could be tagged Impending Doom for sure…

  8. When you’re a kitten, the world is full of surprising things.