Happy Birthday, Saya!

“Hello! I am an avid reader of Cute Overload as it makes me smile. I would love to submit my Double-Doodle Puppeh, Saya. She is a Golden Doodle/Labradoodle mix hence “Double” Doodle. She turns 5 months old this week!,” says Cuteporters Mike & Betty F.





  1. How adorable!!!! 🙂 Don’t currently have a dog, but if I did, I would get one that looks like that cutie.

  2. Ermehgerd. *kaboom*

  3. Happy birthday, and don’t forget….. laziness is the key to success.

  4. OMG11111!!!! that’s my friend’s puppet!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Adorable!

  6. Booplesnoot AND Double-Doodle in one day? *ded*

  7. Very sweet! Cuddle cuddle. 🙂

  8. Is Saya girl sleepy?! 😉

  9. BulldogMommy13 says:

    Last picture: Is Saya singing? “I Will Always Love You” maybe?

  10. Toodle loo, Doodle Two!