Caturday Finnish Kitteh LUMP

“Hi there! I want to send you pictures of my three cats. The oldest cat is 7 years old Mrs. Lilli, the middle is 6 years old Mrs. Nasu, and the youngest is 5 years old Gray. They live in Kuopio, Finland. They are the most wonderful and funniest cats I know, and often I see here Cute Overload site very similar in appearance to cats. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the good end of the summer to you! Sincerely Elina H. 🙂 The pictures have been taken by me.”

[Note- Are they sleeping in a sunbeam? ‘Cuz we definitely have RULE #9 in play.]



  1. Your cats are so pretty, Elina, and look so content together! I wish my cats got along that well! 🙂

  2. What a lovely picture! I was in Kuopio last February, saw people walking their cats and taking them out to pee hahaha, what a gorgeous place, and beautiful cats!

  3. These kitties are stunning! And their cat-pile is very sweet.

  4. All your kittahs are gorgeous. Their colors and markings are so plush. Happy Caterday to you and your fur family.

  5. I Love seeinf the cuteness pile up! I also have a cute cat named “Baby Grey”.

  6. claire silvers says:

    Beautiful portrait of your lovely cats. Looked up your town, sure looks like an interesting locale.

  7. Triple kitteh madness!!

  8. januaryfarmer says:

    Beautiful kitties. Good end of the summer back at ya!

  9. They look so comfy and content!

  10. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your dear sweet 7 years old kitty, Mrs. Lilli, your dear sweet 6 years old kitty, Mrs. Nasu, and your dear sweet youngest is 5 years old Gray, Elina H. 😀

  11. They look very comfy and content and well-fed . . . just the way cats should be!