Don’t Think You’re Skating On THIS One, Buddy

(Pro Tip for in the future, FWIW: if you knock over a flower pot/plant, don’t hunker down right next to it. Better yet, ask The Cat to sit there in your place.)

Guilty puppy
From Nothing To Do With Arbroath.



  1. You guys have it backward. The cat did it and convinced the pup to sit there.

  2. “I had no choice, it attacked me!”

  3. clearly this innocent pupeh is hiding from the alien that erupted from the plant! somebody get this baby a lawyer!

  4. I came home and it was like that. I swear.

  5. The plant started yelling ‘feed me Seymour”, so brave pupperson was just protecting his hoomins.

  6. Isn’t that mother-in-law’s tongue? And isn’t it toxic to dogs? It looks like MIL’s tongue, but I could certainly be wrong!