THIS JUST IN: Maru And Hana Go Camping Out

Well, not really. But they’ve got their blue tent out and by golly, they’re gonna PLAY with it.



  1. Has Hana been watching WWE I wonder?

  2. Wonder if we will ever see Maru + Hana babies? Marunas!

  3. I think they’re both fixed?

  4. Maru: my tent, MY tent, MMMMYYYY tent
    Hana: not if I bounce on it!

  5. No sound. Hana must shout “HANA!” with every attack.

  6. weaselwardancer says:

    I’m envious of the bond btwn those two. I brought a kitten into the house when my cat was 4 years old and she hated him until the day she died, 13 years later. If she was on the bed first, there would be hissing and growling when he joined us. If he was there first, she just quietly joined us from the far side of the bed. 13 years of hissing, growling, swatting. All her, not him.

  7. This is the best Maru/Hana toy ever.

  8. “Beat it, kid! This tent is only big enough for one of us!” Ah man, I want a tent like that for my kitties…

  9. This is quite the familiar scene – my cats wrestle like this all the time! I have GOT to get them a tent cube!

  10. All I could think of was Thunderdome – Two cats enter … 😉

  11. I have a tunnel similar to this tent (two cubs joined together by velcro – it’s an expandable toy). It is really the best thing ever and the poor tunnel has all the claw marks to show for it. My boys love it to pieces!

  12. Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end to see Hana’s epic pounce! Leaps tall tents in a single bound!

  13. jlamusings says:

    So fun! Yeah I have the cubes too, tracyg36. There are bite marks & the infrastructure is kinda collapsing from too many chunky kitties just laying on them.

  14. Hana the Fearless!!

  15. It’s like wrestling meets rhythmic gymnastics, where you have to incorporate an object into the routine. Hana & Maru have chosen to incorporate “blue tent” into their wrestling match.

  16. Smartypants says:

    I love this! I just saw instructions for a homemade cat tent here: (Brinke, hopefully it’s Ok to put this link? Thanks!)

  17. @Smartypants: But of course!

  18. Hard to imagine Maru was ever a single kitteh. Yay, Hana!

  19. 😆 I did not know that Maru and Hana were into wrestling 😆

  20. Maru may dominate the interwebs, but there is no question who is *really* in charge in that household.