#TGIF: Sqwerl Fence Floppage

This little guy is just happy the work week is OVER. (And note the Excellent Toe Splayage!) From Flickr user Nomadic Lass, and originally spotted as desktop wallpaper on Bing Desktop.



  1. This is just soooo cute. 🙂

  2. Squirrel Planking ! (either that, or the photo was taken on a Monday .. and as know .. we ‘love’ Mondays

  3. And yet the fluffy tail still stays up (kind of).

  4. This is what squirrels do in Summer ; find a cool surface and spread out. It is especially popular with nursing moms.

  5. “And I’m not missin a cu-ute….I’m, ridin the cute out, do-do,do,do,do, ridin the cute out”……………

  6. Oh, and by the way sqwerl…..nice foot-hand!

  7. dolphin815 says:

    We found a squirrel doing this on our deck railing. When he realized we were watching him (and taking pictures), he slunk slowly away, watching us the whole time like he thought maybe if he moved slowly enough we wouldn’t see him. It was hilarious. It’s just as cute when the bunnies do it in the front lawn – all sprawled out and casually munching on weeds/spilled birdseed. You know they’re feeling secure in your yard when they’re lounging. 🙂