Killdear Rule Alert!!

[Note: No, No, NO. No one is killing BAMBI. “Killdeer” is a bird. -Ed.]

Mom and Bebeh Killdear hanging out in a TEXTBOOK display of Rule Of Cuteness #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute. Let’s tag ’em with MATCHINGKS, too.


From Peter Green at Providence Raptors.



  1. “Breathtaking. I shall call him… Mini-Me.”

  2. Mrs. Norris says:

    Wonders never cease! Thanks for sharing. Lovely!!!

  3. I would like to try to pass another rule. “If your eye is too big for your head it is cute.”

  4. I vote for Rocky’s suggestion.

  5. mollykubik says:

    One spring I was pulling in to park at school. A baby killdeer scurried over almost under the car. Mom was back on the lawn with 3 siblings huddled behind her. Oh boy, did he get a talking to! She yelled and yelled at him to get back! He trudged back, hanging his head. No, actually he scurried back, but that’s what I imagined him doing! Imagine tiny puffballs on stilts, that’s what the babies look like; and scurry is exactly the right word to describe how they move. I grew up surrounded by them.

  6. oneskunktodd says:

    They’re so adorable, it’s too bad they’re dumb as a box of rocks. Make their nests in the middle of fields, which around here all get mowed. 😦

  7. Rebecca1018 says:

    (say in best Cliff Clavin voice): “It’s a little-known fact that the pronunciation of the word ‘killdeer’ is actually, ‘kill-dee’.”

    Betcha didn’t know that!

    oneskunktodd – Yes, indeed. They nest on the gravel roof outside my office window every summer, which, in Austin, gets pretty darn sizzley. Never hatch a thing. I think they may be dumber than guinea hens, if that’s possible…

  8. Rule of Cuteness #7 rocks!

  9. knobbular
    @ Rebecca, yur wicked funny